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Posted by on Nov 4, 2013

Sandbox Medieval MMORPG ‘Life Is Feudal’ Gets Indiegogo

Startup Russian indie developer BitBox (like seriously, they code in their kitchen) has launched an Indiegogo campaign to generate funds for their PC-based MMORPG Life Is Feudal.

Set in a massive 441 square kilometre map, players will be invited to attempt to thrive in a realistic vision of medieval times set in a fictional world. An Alpha version is expected to arrive by late 2013, with a Beta version in 2014.

It looks like the plans for the gameplay are scaled from as big as terraforming the landscape and siege warfare, all the way down to cooking a meal with foraged ingredients, with player-built and -led communities that can be focussed on peace or war.

Check out the game’s homepage at and the Indiegogo site at

Joe McGuinness

Joe is an eighties child raised on a strict diet of SNES and Game Boy titles. At level 14 he was fed a copy of Final Fantasy VII and evolved into a gaming glutton who to this day holds a tender place in his heart for classics and retro-style homages. When not glued to a Nintendo 3DS or an iOS device he can probably be found crying in front of a cancelled FOX TV show. 3DS Friend Code: 1564-2914-3215.

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