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Posted by on Jan 13, 2014

Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC ‘Onslaught’ revealed and shown off

What’s Call of Duty without a bunch of post-release content to keep things fresh? Activision has announced today the first DLC pack for Ghosts,” Onslaught”, will be coming to Xbox Live on January 28th. Onslaught marks the start of Ghost‘s Season Pass DLC.

This multiplayer DLC contains four new maps. The first, which is probably the best because of its content, is “Fog”. The Fog map puts players in a horror-themed lakeside environment that’s obscured by fog and filled with scary cabins and whatnot. If that didn’t sound interesting enough, well, it turns out Michael-f**king-Myers of Halloween fame is a playable character! Any player that completes a specific Field Order will turn into the classic slasher killer. The map will also adopt the Halloween theme song so that players know that shit has hit the fan.

The next three maps aren’t as hilarious, but they seem alright: “Bay View” sends players to a coastal boardwalk complete with an aquarium and gift shops; “Containment” is a war-torn Mexican village with rooftop vantage points and a bridge with a radioactive waste truck parked on it; The fourth and final map, “Ignition”, brings back Modern Warfare 2 map “Scrapyard” with some “dynamic gameplay elements”, such as surprise rockets striking the map while players are battling it out.

Along with new multiplayer maps comes the first installment of Ghost‘s new “Extinction Mode” narrative. Episode 1: Nightfall of Extinction will let players kill aliens in a secret Alaskan facility. Nightfall will be a multi-part story that explains why aliens have begun attacking Earth in the first place.

If all of that wasn’t enough, Onslaught will also come with a brand new weapon with two alternate configurations. The Maverick will be an Assault Rifle or a Sniper Rifle based on the player’s preference. The DLC will be sold on its own outside of the Season Pass. I’m no fan of Call of Duty, but that Michael Myers level had me laughing out loud. Who amongst you readers will be getting this?

CJ Melendez

CJ is a newly graduated college student that's got four years experience creating and managing gaming websites. He's the Managing Editor of, where he talks about scary games and says silly things. He's also the person who wrote this bio.

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  1. I’m still laughing at Myers. My goodness.

  2. Good to see myers in the game, but the COD fans will end up killing the mood when your trying to take down your enemy (e.g trick shooters). Well I am looking forward to this because of Myers & this is the first time I have “ever” looked forward to a Call of duty DLC map pack.

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