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Posted by on Jul 6, 2014

Review: Super Time Force

Review: Super Time Force

Title: Super Time Force
Platform: Xbox One, Xbox 360 (reviewed on Xbox One)
Developer: Capy Games
Publisher: Microsoft Games Studio
Release Date: Out Now
Price: $14.99/€14.99
Tagline: You, you and you, battling the enemy, with clone chaos ensuing
Family Friendly: Click here for more information.
Verdict: Buy It Now

A famous Doctor once mentioned the time stream as being a bunch of “wibbily-wobbily, timey-wimey stuff.” The phrase spins a bit of humor and hocus pocus on the idea of time travel, but it also provides a nice explanation for Super Time Force, a game that is defined by rewinding and manipulating time to defeat a maniacal enemy. It is an effect that could be handled great or abysmally, but here, the time manipulation results in a fun and entertaining win for Capy games after so many years in development.


Super Time Force gives you a small shot of story to set up its premise, but it really is more about putting together a reason to have you bouncing around time to defeat enemies. It does have its humorous segments with your boss that starts the Super Time Force (and somehow functions with not one, but two eye patches). I would be hard pressed to tell you what the plot is throughout the entire story, but maybe the mechanics of the game could get us past the weak plot.

Time travelling in Super Time Force only works in one direction – jumping to the past. As you play, you can either choose to rewind time of your own accord, or you will end up dying which will start the rewind process. In and of itself, this seems pretty straight-forward, but when you wind back time, your past self will continue on its movements while you start either a new character or play as another iteration of the same character. So you essentially start fighting alongside your soon-to-be-failed attempt at beating the level. If you save that character by defeating the enemy that kills them, you can add a save to your character, allowing them to take one hit before dying.

If your mind is blown by that, Super Time Force only increases its hectic nature by allowing you to create up to 30 iterations of yourself to fight through a level. Can’t imagine the chaos? Just picture having one minute to beat a boss, so you do some damage, rewind, add a second person and repeat 15-20 times until you have enough shots flying through the air to defeat the boss.

The cast of characters plays off of many familiar characters that you might have seen in one of the many 1980s action movies, like Jean Rambois. Or if not based on a movie character, they certainly have names that could be from a movie character like Aimy McKillin or Shieldy Blockerson. And if those three aren’t enough for you, there are several more that you can unlock if you find them hidden throughout Super Time Force. The new characters add a little bit of style to their attacks and give you a nice selection of attacks to mix and match when going back in time.


Super Time Force may have one real flaw, but its seriousness may depend on how you feel about the mechanics as a whole. Many times, there is so much chaos and insanity happening on the screen it can be difficult to figure out exactly where you are going and what you are trying to achieve. Luck of the draw can also sting, as sometimes you will spawn right into the hail of bullets, costing you a spawn and adding frustration to an otherwise fun experience.

The ideas in Super Time Force are not new per se, but the way they are implemented by the folks at Capy Games has made for a highly entertaining experience for anyone to enjoy. There can be some frustration from time to time with the implementation or sorting out what’s happening on screen, but give it a little bit of time and Super Time Force will click for you and turn into one of the more entertaining games you could play this year.

The Doctor

  • Having twenty of your characters on screen, fighting the good fight is pretty awesome
  • Simple graphics convey a surprising amount of humor
  • The time mechanics actually work well

The Master

  • Sometimes the action is a bit too hectic to figure out where you are at in the midst of the action
  • No grace period coming out of a time jump leads to death more often than it should
  • I still don’t have a full grasp on what the story is

Family Focus
On the level of violence, language and sexuality, Super Time Force is about as safe as you can get for kids. No real issue in those categories. The problem is that the complexity of how time travel works here in this game can be problematic for younger kids. My son is 12 and he was having a hard time with understanding all the mechanics involved, so take that into consideration when playing the game. Maybe keep this one for the older teens and up to minimize the frustration level for all involved.

Review code provided courtesy of Xbox UK

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