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Posted by on Oct 31, 2014

FIFA 15 is here and it tops the table again

FIFA 15 is here and it tops the table again

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FIFA 15 is here – the officially licensed series of football / soccer games that reckons to be closer to the real thing than any other game on the planet. The latest version was released across the globe in September and will be bought by millions of football fans around the world almost as a matter of course – so strong is the brand and so successful were its predecessors.

But how good is the new version?

The FIFA series of games for Nintendo 3DS, Wii, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Xbox 360, iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows and Windows Phone was, like its predecessors, produced and developed by EA Canada – and published by Electronic Arts.

Its central premise is that it gets you closer to the action. The TV advertisement to promote the game reflects this, featuring different fans watching and playing big games as their faces are superimposed onto the players via the reflection in the TV screen. It’s clever stuff and Lionel Messi features scoring a flying volley both in his living room and on the pitch for Barcelona. The ad is designed to show you how you’ll feel every kick of the ball – ad it isn’t inaccurate; the game-play has improved from previous versions of the game.

You can choose from hundreds of teams from around the world. For English players, all the big names are there. In real life, you could take a look at the FA cup betting to select your chosen teams to replicate virtually any cup tie, for example, from the top four divisions all the way down to League 2. This is a fun way of replicating real games and predicting the result amongst friends and rivals – particularly across different tiers of football.

The changes in the gameplay for FIFA 15 make your ball possession feel a lot more realistic and less pre-determined than with previous versions. This makes dribbling and tackling both more realistic and challenging. The ability to shrug off tackles, to retain possession of the ball and to win back the ball is all a lot more fluid and realistic.

The ball also moves a little differently, with the new version and this brings with it different ways of scoring which are, again, closer to the real thing.

On the downside, if we have to find something, then it’s perhaps a little disappointing that FIFA 15’s career mode has only been slightly changed. You can now set instructions for players, such as instructing a particular player to always overlap with his runs. These modifications are excellent, but the career mode overall hasn’t changed a huge amount.

Overall, though, FIFA 15 is as good as it should be with official endorsement and fans who are going to buy it anyway will surely not be disappointed. It’s as close to real football as any game has managed so far.

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