Later in January, indie developer Moon Kid will release their first game Satellina, an elegant puzzle in motion for iOS and Android. We have a trailer below for you to feast your eyes on!

In Satellina, patterns of green, yellow, and red particles move around the screen in sync with a catchy synthpop soundtrack. The objective is deceptively simple: drag your finger to collect only the green particles without bumping into yellow or red. When you’ve cleared all the green particles, yellow particles turn green and red particles turn yellow. Clear them all to complete the level — but don’t bump the wrong color, or you’ll have to start over!

With 50 hypnotic levels, a challenging but rewarding difficulty curve, and a timed structure perfect for speedrunning, Satellina is a minimalist game that sucks you in. The constant motion and running timer make for great challenge and tension, but because the particles follow repeating routes, the gameplay relies as much on pattern recognition and puzzle-solving as it does on quick reflexes.

If Satellina sounds like your bag, then keep an eye out as its release date is in just a few weeks time!