British Indie Developer Supergroup Instant Games is proud to announce that their debut game Instant Hero was released on the App Store today, and it’s already an instant hit.

Why not take a look at the trailer below and see what you make of Instant Hero.

In this imaginative Peggle-meets-Zelda style RPG, Instant Hero casts the player as either Ethel the Valkyrie or Brian the Barbarian, as they attempt to pay off debts incurred to Dave the Shepherd, after they accidentally murder his herd of sheep. Designed to be played in 30-second bursts, the player must launch their character and then watch helplessly as they either level-up enough to beat the screen, or fail and turn into a bag of bones. Success will lead them to beautifully animated boss fights, secret story driven cutscenes and, ultimately, to garnering a rather fine collection of hats.

“Having worked tirelessly to create Instant Hero for the past six months, we couldn’t be prouder of our first title,” says Jon Hamblin, company spokesperson for Instant Games. “Boasting an incredible team that includes pixel art legend Army of Trolls and musical genius Pixelee meant that we knew we were going to have something special on our hands.”

Instant Hero is available to download for free now on the App Store. It features removable ads and just one in-app purchase.