Bang Man! – the insanely difficult, platform game which has been keeping Android users on the edge of their seats since release just before Christmas – is now available in the App Store, for free:!/id947844786?mt=8

The game will see players attempt to defend Earth from an infinite wave of alien scumbags, high above the planet. Players must use ammo dropped from above to destroy each alien – but every time they fire their gun, they will recoil by the number shown on the box they collected. Avoid aliens whilst without falling off the platform – one wrong move and it’s instant game over.

Once the mechanic clicks, Bang Man! proves deliciously addictive – the instant restart offering some compensation for the (many) times players will die. The key to success is speed, aliens will speed up if not despatched quickly, so players must act immediately or face an even more difficult challenge as they compete to top the global leaderboard of ‘Best Bangers’.

Pocket Gamer described the Android release as a “ludicrously tough, super fast platform blaster” and that “it all gels together brilliantly to create a stripped back, intensely clever shooter that’s far, far more than the sum of its parts.” It awarded the game an 8/10 score, bestowing it a Silver Award.

The Android version is available here: