Earlier today, Ubisoft announced that it was releasing its Assassin’s Creed Unity expansion, Dead Kings, free of charge. Starting today, Xbox One and PC players of the hooded hero’s latest outing can download Dead Kings absolutely free, with PS4 users able to do the same from tomorrow. Check out the launch trailer below!

Set in a brand new city, Franciade, Arno continues his bloody quest for redemption by heading deep into the caves and catacombs located under the city in an attempt to uncover the mysteries that lurk within. Beneath the Basilica lie the remains of long-dead French kings, their secrets waiting to be discovered by those who dare disturb their slumber, and Arno will require all his wit – and a handy candle-lit lantern – if he is to unearth both these and the Guillotine Gun, a powerful new weapon with impressive long-range and close-quarter attributes.

Featuring familiar faces as well as new merciless tomb-raiding enemies The Raiders, Dead Kings also includes new side quests and co-operative missions such as Murder Mystery and a special Brotherhood mission to sink your revolutionary teeth into. With new unlockable weapons, gear and outfits for both single and multi-player featuring the ability the carry them over between Unity and Dead Kings, there’s never been a better time to start a revolution. Vive la France!