Sunset Overdrive is the game that just keeps on giving. Not content with just allowing players to air-dash their way around the city, smashing mutants and creating chaos, Insomniac Games have announced the release of 3 new Buck National themed challenges and their subsequent achievements.

The completion of each of these challenges will be worth a fantastic 25G’s, and will be a precursor to more new challenges and achievements soon to be released in the near future. The details for the current batch look a little like this:

– Hardcore!: “Buck National vs. The Apocalypse”: In this challenge players must beat the score of 600,000.

– Hardcore!: “Buck Strikes Back”: Beat the score of 564,500 to claim victory!

– Hardcore!: “Buck Stops Here”: Players must smash the score of 703,700 before they’re able to relax.

Available now for Xbox, Sunset Overdrive is currently featured at a mouth-watering 40% off on Xbox Game Store! It’s for a limited time only, so get your skates on and download the most chaotic game in history, now!