News just in from Harran City – ‘THIS IS AN F… ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!’

Truer words were never spoken (or insinuatingly shouted via caps). Yes eager players waiting hungrily on the release of Techland’s awesome looking zombie apocalyptic survival horror Dying Light can head on over to the newly updated website to see what all the fuss is about there, and whether or not they should fear for their own lives.

Just 2 weeks until its release (I’m not counting), the un-dead developers have released 2 mini-assets for impatient players to sink their teeth into. The first, as previously mentioned, is the ‘official’ Harran City website, which showcases the regular goings on of a big cosmopolitan metropolis; pedestrians shop to their hearts content, bus drivers smile and wave at passers by, fountains spout azure blue, zombies bare their teeth and…wait, what? Head over to the website now to find out where it all went wrong on such a perfect day, how you can help (if at all), and who’s left alive over there…

The second asset is for those of you with 3D printers (anyone?). Techland have released 3D printable blueprints to download that will allow players to print their own official Dying Light zombie, rotting flesh and all. For those of you with a 3D printer knocking about (again, anyone?), the download link for the file is here. It’s a pretty cool idea, and if your zombie painting imagination only stretches as far as ‘blood red’, those nice guys at Techland have also included a video on how to paint your new un-dead friend:

With a European release date of January 30th for PS4, Xbox One and PC (Americas and Asia a couple days earlier), I personally can not wait! But the thing that struck me most about Harran City post-apocalypse? Despite the fire and brimstone, the newly acquired flesh-eating residents, and the occasional mutant, some of the buses were still running…Transport for London could learn a thing or two from that.