Ninja-run! Ninja-jump! Ninja-slash! Ninja-er…throw-those-crazy-star-things!

Apparently Tomasz Waclawek and the folks over at Devolver Digital have been training hard recently, swinging katana blades and dying every item of clothing they own black in preparation for their upcoming release, RONIN. Check out the trailer here:

Coming to PC, Mac and Linux later this year, RONIN allows you to take control of a helmet wearing ninja heroine hell-bent on destroying five (presumably evil) figures that head up a (presumably bad) worldwide conglomerate. With more than 15 challenging levels to try your ninja skills out on, you’ll have to channel all your inner Zen if you want to succeed in dethroning the powers that be.

Turn-based action means that you’re going to have to plot your moves and attacks carefully, deciding whether to hide in the shadows Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon style, or try for an all out Kill Bill katana attack. Whichever you choose, your trusty blade and pocket full of razor wire will be by your side, ready to dispatch any enemies you deem too evil to let live. Heck, if the going gets a little too intense for your newly acquired ninja skills, try using the handy grappling hook to swing out of danger, or the holographic replicator to confuse and deceive your potential prey. Check out some of the screenshots below:

Ronin_-_Screen_6_1421862837 Ronin_-_Screen_5_1421862836 RONIN 4 Ronin_-_Screen_3_1421862836Ronin_-_Screen_2_1421862836 Ronin_-_Screen_1_1421862836

Personally, I’m really looking forward to trying out my ninja skills. Just got to remember where I left my helmet…