“Hello, boys! I’m baaaaaaack!”

Whenever I play an Ace Combat game I can’t help but shout the famous phrase so perfectly delivered by Randy Quaid’s crackpot character Russell Casse in the alien extravaganza that was Independence Day. Damn, that’s a good movie.

And if you like fast planes and missile locks, Ace Combat‘s a good game as well. Fiery explosions, bullet trails that light up the evening sky, gleaming metal propelled at near supersonic speed, Ace Combat games have it all – and on February 13th, Nintendo 3DS and new Nintendo 3DS/3DS XL owners will be able to get their hands on their very own Ace Combat game, complete with funky new amiibo styled skins!

Upon its release, Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy + pilots will be able to deck out their fighters in colourful character skins based on Nintendo’s most famous faces! Zelda, Donkey Kong, Captain Falcon and Samus all star in the un-lockable exclusives, as well as a certain round yellow friend from Bandai Namco…

Not content with just altering the appearance of the jets, Bandai Namco have also stated that the players character skin choice will determine the parameter settings for the plane as well. To give you an idea, Mario’s cast as the F-22, one of the most famous and powerful aircraft of all time, whereas his arch-nemesis Bowser is set to fly as a durability and offensively upgraded A-10A, an aircraft well-known for its powerful ground attacking capability.

The new character skins look awesome, but don’t take my word for it – check out a few of the screenshots below:

ace combat pacman

ace combat mario 1

ace combat kooper 1

ace combat falcon

ace combat mario 2

ace combat kooper 2

ace combat samus

Pretty sweet, huh? I’m taking the idea down to RAF headquarters NOW. Who’s with me?