Whether you are loyal to House Lannister, Stark, or even House Targaryen, if you’re around London for the next few then there might be something of interest that you might want to check out. The only requirement is that you or a friend/family member is loyal to ‘House Sky’.

Those familiar to The O2 in North Greenwich will know of the Sky Backstage area. It’s right in front of you when you walk into the structure and is to be taken over for a massive Game of Thrones exhibition running for two chunks of three days each.

Starting today from February 9-12 and once more on February 15-17, the Game of Thrones exhibition has been especially curated for the run-up to the broadcast of the show’s fifth season. As is hinted by my terrible joke earlier, tickets are available to Sky customers, with the ability to bring a +1 along for the fun and games.

This is the place. It'll be kitted out for the exhibition, but you can't really miss it.

This is the place. It’ll be kitted out for the exhibition, but you can’t really miss it.

Amongst the attractions, there are sections to place yourself within pivotal moments of the show and the Iron Throne will be ready and waiting for your incoming bums and selfies. Most interesting though is the Oculus Rift set-up that will be at the exhibition too. In this VR experience called Ascend the Wall, you’ll be taken right to the top of the massive structure that the Night’s Watch so vigorously defends.

Tickets went live a couple of weeks ago, but more tickets should be periodically released as cancellations may appear. Check out sky.com/gameofthrones and the @skyatlantic Twitter feed for updates on availability.

HBO is also supplying a batch of merchandise that can be picked up at a store next to the Sky Backstage area. This will all be things that can normally be picked up via the HBO Shop, which you can check out if London is beyond your travelling reach.