“Ah, you’ve returned in one piece! Just in time for a refreshing cup of tea”.

Oh man, new Kickstarter project Sneaky Ninja looks great! I love ninjas, oval shapes and funky sounding period music; if you do too, check out the trailer below, then read on to find out more.

Hailing from New Jersey, new kids on the block Starfall Studios have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to see their great looking 2D stealth platformer come to light. Described as combining Mario with Mark of the Ninja, Sneaky Ninja features a healthy mix of stealth and acrobatic manoeuvres synonymous with ninja alongside an awesome soundtrack and fun graphics, plus:

– Use shuriken, arrows and your viciously sharp blade to take down enemies from the shadows, or use distraction tactics involving rocks and smoke bombs to confuse them. Feeling more devious? Use sticky bombs and sharp tacks to leave traps…

– Become one with the environment and take refuge in bushes, hide behind trees, down wells or even underwater to evade the bad guys. Use your ninja agility to swing from vines, hang from the ceiling, wall-jump up walls and loads more in your quest to be the best!

– Heck, why not use magic? Ninjas had magic, right? Well, they do now: Teleport Star Trek style, extinguish light sources, and temporarily freeze time to get to where you’re going and avoid detection!

– Choose from four different characters each with their own individual abilities, then create your own level in the Level Creator to see how they do!


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Upon completion, Sneaky Ninja will be available to download via Steam for PC, Mac and Linux, as well as on the Wii U. To donate and get the smoke bombs rolling, head over to their Kickstarter page now.