And by that, we mean the PS1 classic!

Today, those lovely vendors of gamer-related threads have switched off the Stealth Camouflage to show off a new range of clothes based on Metal Gear Solid, the 1998 epic stealth-em-up that blessed the world with cardboard boxes.

This is the second part of the overall MGS range that Insert Coin are developing, with the first one focussing on Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Pre-orders for this new range from Insert Coin will appear sometime soon.

Are you ready to see what they look like? My poor mind nearly exploded when I saw these:

First up, there’s a FOXHOUND tee in keeping with the legendary unit.


There’s also a matching patch to go along with this:


As well as a shirt!


There are two further tees in this range. One is based on a dude that knows that you like to play Castlevania.

Fun Fact! The lead artist for the Metal Gear Franchise, Yoji Shinkawa, helped out with getting the finer details of this tee just right!


The final tee is a cheeky nod to Snake’s favourite pastime when there are no obvious hiding places on offer. This one is probably my pick of the bunch:


Last but not least, we have a hoodie that the employees of Armstech probably got as a welcome gift on their first day. Definitely a just reward for all those Health & Safety presentations and security clearances they had to go through…