Splash Damage released their second mobile title: Tempo; it’s an engaging and accessible mobile combat experience set in the WarChest Universe.

Tempo task players in taking down a mysterious psychopath with a stranglehold on the city in bite-sized missions of reflex-driven gameplay. Take on tanks and brutal bosses in order to rescue and take command of new Operatives in a story-driven experience on and offline.

Bursting onto the App Store with explosive visuals and audio, Tempo is a story-based premium title that does away with in-app purchases so you can concentrate on the action: shaving seconds off your best mission times, destroying your friends’ scores, and broadcasting to the world with Everyplay video sharing.

We’re bringing production values normally only found in AAA titles to mobile; from casting Game of Thrones TV actors as voice talent, to creating motion capture at Andy Serkis’ Imaginarium studios, we’ve gone all-out to create a blockbuster experience on handheld devices.” Paul Wedgwood CEO.

We wanted to ensure Tempo was instantly accessible, so we decided against traditional analogue stick controls, opting for simple rhythm, tap and swipe events which ramp up steadily in difficulty as the game progresses.” Olivier Leonardi Game Director.

You can take a look at the launch trailer above and The Making Of below: