To steal a much loved animated scientists famous line, ‘Good news everybody!’

Or to be more precise great, big, beautiful news if you’re a Final Fantasy fan.

The release date for Final Fantasy Type-0 is nearly upon us, and with it a special exclusive treat in the form of a playable demo for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae.

As players the world over prepare to re-enter the realm of Cloud, Lightning and of course, Chocobos, what better way for Square Enix to celebrate it’s much loved franchise with some salivating screenshots from the Duscae region itself. Prepare those eyeballs and enjoy!FFXV_Screenshot_Duscae_230215_15_1424701309FFXV_Screenshot_Duscae_230215_13_1424701308FFXV_Screenshot_Duscae_230215_12_1424701308FFXV_Screenshot_Duscae_230215_7_1424701306FFXV_Screenshot_Duscae_230215_1_1424701304FFXV_Screenshot_Duscae_230215_6_1424701305FFXV_Screenshot_Duscae_230215_14_1424701308FFXV_Screenshot_Duscae_230215_10_1424701307FFXV_Screenshot_Duscae_230215_5_1424701305