Starsky and Hutch. CHiPs. Kojak. The Rockford Files. What might all of these shows have in common. Well, they were all cop shows from the greatest decade ever, the 1970’s. Cop shows in this decade mixed style, music and lovely ladies along with the normal procedural cop drama that we had in the decades of the 50’s and 60’s. In the 70’s, it was all about the stars of the show and the sex appeal that they could ooze on a TV set. Cop shows in the 1970’s were all about powerful men and women were normally relegated to either sex symbols or the unwanted partner that the male cop didn’t want (okay, no one said the 1970’s was the most politically correct decade).

LA Cops, a new isometric fast paced tactical shooter from Team 17 and Modern Drama, looks to capture all of the feel from those great 70’s cop shows. Here, you have a game filled with mirror aviator shades, moustaches, afros and lady partners that no one wants. Mix the quirky visuals with a shoot first, ask questions later attitude and funky soundtrack and you get a game that looks like it would fit in perfect with any of the aforementioned cop shows.

Check out the trailer below to get the feel behind LA Cops and if you find interest, you can find it for digital download on both Xbox One and PC on March 13th, 2015. LA Cops comes from Modern Drama and Team 17.