If you’ve ever been to the Insomnia festival in the UK, then you’re probably already aware of who Multiplay are.

They organise this massive festival of gaming three times a year, hosting eSports tournaments and more for its thousands of visitors it welcomes through its doors.

Multiplay also lease servers for the gaming community for both games and voice apps (like TeamSpeak) and serve the games industry itself through hardware leases and more. If you wondered where all those consoles and PCs come from at a large games expo, Multiplay is one of the folks that serve that need.

Now, it’s been revealed today that specialist games retail chain GAME has made one of its biggest bets since it came out of administration a few years ago. They’ve plonked down £20m in cash and shares to acquire Multiplay.

The official line (according to MCV) is that the acquisition will help GAME grow in its efforts with community events and eSports. Lock-ins where gamers can try out games before release are becoming a welcome and frequent occurrence at GAME stores and with Multiplay behind them, I can see this being a great deal on that front.

Might we see more StarCraft tournaments at your local GAME store?

Might we see more StarCraft tournaments at your local GAME store?

More interestingly from my point of view is how Multiplay and GAME will team up on the eSports front. GAME have dabbled here and there in the world of eSports and it’s great to see the retailer make a concerted effort to serve the sector more. How that service will pan out remains to be seen, however I believe that more companies taking more interest in eSports can only be a good thing. This is especially true now that Gfinity are coming forward with their own eSports arena in Fulham Broadway, South West London.

I remember attending an event a pub in North London for the launch of StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm. The finals of a tournament was held there, supported for both offline and via streaming by the GAME team. It’s great to see the interest grow from hosting some games in a pub to becoming fully invested in the sector.

Nice one, GAME. Keep it up!