4PM Games is pleased to announce its debut title for iOS touch devices, Criminel, a noir detective mystery game is due to hit the App Store this Thursday 5th March, 2015 for £1.49, $1.99 and €1.99.

In Criminel, players must solve a series of chilling murders set among the smoky streets, hotels and dark alleys of turn of the century Paris. With a prototype camera and notepad in hand, players must use the very first forensic techniques invented to help uncover the secrets that will unravel a conspiracy, solve the case and reveal the killer. Featuring AAA visuals and audio, and a gripping thriller based storyline, Criminel looks, plays and feels like no other app available on the App Store today!

Criminel is something very different for the App Store. We like to think we’re going where few other developers have gone before with the look and gameplay of this title, we know we have created a unique world for gamers to explore and engage with and we’re really looking forwards to getting it in their hands for the first time.” commented Bojan Brbora, founder of 4PM.

It has been designed with the help of the Wellcome Trust in tandem with their ‘Forensics Exhibition’ which runs from 26th Feb – 1st June. Criminel will be available for all attendees to play at the exhibition and will be a big part of illustrating how forensic science has influenced Police work since the 1900’s.

Iain Dodgeon, Creative Partnerships Manager at the Wellcome Trust, added: “Games are able to bring a whole new perspective to a subject. The Wellcome Collection forensics exhibition brilliantly explores the gruesome history of a discipline we are most familiar with through television. Playing Criminel lets you experience a key part of its evolution first hand.”

Here are some of the game’s features:

  • Authentic Noire based detective story
  • Turn of the century Parisian setting
  • Deep storyline and engaging experience
  • AAA visuals and audio
  • David Lynch-esque atmosphere appeals to gamers and fans of noire and crime drama’s alike