A huge update is coming to Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies, which introduces a new game mode, event, rewards and an extensively overhauled PvP system.

Players will see are the following new features:

Zombie War: It’s an intense team-based game mode, promising to elevate the undead action to its most competitive extremes. Two teams – one formed of humans, one of zombies – will face off in battle. Zombie War also brings with it two new weapons – M60E4 Maverick & Mauser C96 – and New Perfect Pick Recipe Bundles.

Rewards of War: It’s a new event that has a variety of prizes up for grabs where players will receive great Crafting Bundles for their engagement.

PvP 2.0 Update: Will include a completely overhauled stat-tracking, and reward system that ensures players efforts will be recognized on the battlefield. As well as introducing Assists, which see combatants rewarded for contributing to an enemy’s demise, a new Valor system recognizes exceptional performance across a variety of game modes. PvP 2.0 also brings with it the Action Report, which tracks a much more diverse range of combat accomplishments.

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