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The PS2 did more for gaming than any other console before, and more than any console that will follow. Although the PS3 was good, it never really felt like the spiritual successor to the PS2. However, in the PS4, which is selling at a faster rate than the PS2, you do feel like you are playing on the console’s heir. There is an enjoyment in playing the PS4 that was missing in the PS3 but was prevalent in the PS2. Perhaps it is the nature of the jump between consoles – the void between the first two PlayStations was massive, as it is with the latter two.

As much as we love the two consoles, there is just no way we could go back to playing on the PS2, which is a real shame as the console had some gems for games. That doesn’t mean that they can’t have a modern day rebooting – Spider Man’s movie franchise is on its third in eight years.

Below are some classic PS2 games that we would like given the modern day touch.

The Getaway

Image credit: Brett Jordan

Image credit: Brett Jordan

British developers Team Soho treated us to The Getaway back in 2002, when it was favourably received by critics. The game, which was set in London and actually had licensed vehicles, had a solid, albeit short, storyline that would stand up in today’s gaming world.

The game still has legs today as London is very much unexplored in the gaming world. It will be fresh and new and, with a British writing team on board, it could have a story that is on par with the mercurial GTA series.

The spectacular visuals available for a PS4 – think The Order: 1886 – will give the game a huge amount of realism.

Frankie Dettori Horse Racing
You do not see horse racing games nowadays, which is a real shame. Upon playing this 2005 game, you see how there is plenty of potential for a modern-day remake.

Car racing games are great and but can get a bit tedious. Racing a horse round a track is far more difficult than a car.

If they were to make a new horse racing game, hopefully it would include jump races. Could you imagine the career mode of training a horse from birth, turning it into the hot favourite in the Grand National tips, and then winning the biggest race in the world?

Dark Cloud

Image credit: Bludgeoner86

Image credit: Bludgeoner86

Some of you may remember playing Dark Cloud on the demo disk that came with the early PlayStation 2s. As demos go, it was certainly the best you could ever wish to play. The game had a Zelda-esque storyline to it, while the cartoony graphics, clever weapon systems and world-building mechanic helped it gain a rather cult following.

When you think about the modern day, Zelda is still being played, and as for the popularity of MineCraft, look at stampylonghead. There is very much a market for Dark Cloud itself, while there will still be a cult following willing to buy back into the franchise.

Jak and Daxter

Image credit: shanewarne_60000

Image credit: shanewarne_60000

Developers know they have struck gold when people state that their game is one of the most defining of the PlayStation 2 era. That is high praise and, for the most part, praise that Jak and Daxter fully merited.

It was your classic platform game. Simple but challenging – extremely challenging. Platform games in the modern age are dying out. It is very difficult to try to think of a platform game that is currently available on PS4.

There are not many, and there do not need to be. Just bring Jak and Daxter back! Get Naughty Dog back on board, especially if the next Uncharted is going to be their last, and get them creating. With the increased processor capacity of the PS4, the game will be able to reach new heights. The gameplay will be faultless and smooth and a Naughty Dog plot always promises to be good.