Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward can finally be pre-ordered ahead of the June 23rd June 2015 release across Europe and PAL territories.

The Warriors of Light will journey to Ishgard; a city-state mired in a thousand-year conflict with the dragons of the Dravanian Horde.

Here’s a rundown of Heavensward’s Key Features:

  • A New Level Cap (50 → 60)
  • Flying Mounts
  • A New Playable Race: The Au Ra
  • New Jobs: Dark Knight, Machinist and Astrologian
  • A New City-state: The Holy See of Ishgard
  • New Primals: Bismarck and Ravana
  • A New High-end Raid: Alexander
  • Airship Construction and Customization in Free Company Workshops
  • And much more!

Square Enix also detailed the Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward Collector’s Edition which comes in a special box featuring artwork by famed Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano. The Collector’s Edition also includes exclusive items to aide you on your new adventures in the city-state of Ishgard and unexplored areas beyond the Coerthas central highlands.

  • Expertly Crafted Dragon Mount Figure
  • The Art of Eorzea – Heavensward – Artbook
  • Additional Content Disc: Eorzea in Motion – A Realm Revisited
  • In-game Flying Griffin Mount
  • Final Fantasy IV‘s Dark Knight Cecil-themed Baron Helm
  • Wind-up Kain: Summon a clockwork rendition of Kain Highwind
  • Fantasia: mysterious potion which grants you a single opportunity to edit your character’s appearance.

The digital edition of Collector’s Edition will also includes the above in-game items. In addition to the Collector’s Edition items, the following items are available with all pre-orders of Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward:

Early Access to the game servers ahead of the official launch from Friday 19th June. Please note that this does not apply for pre-orders of the Final Fantasy XIV Online all-in-one bundle.

Relive the days of old and don Baron Circlet & Baron Earrings worn by the ever-loyal Cecil Harvey in Final Fantasy IV

Chocobo Chick Courier that will follow you on your new adventures in the skies.