Players can take a look at the Halo 5 teaser at while waiting for the upcoming live-action trailer set to debut March 29th right here; which will show the first glimpse of Halo 5: Guardians‘s story

Fans can slow down and study the Hunt the Truth teaser, frame-by-frame, to discover ominous new clues about the fate of the legendary Master Chief.

Xbox and 343 Industries also launched an episodic narrative audio series titled Hunt the Truth starring Keegan-Michael Key as Benjamin Giraud, a war-journalist who slowly unearths startling new revelations about who the Master Chief really is, forcing listeners to reevaluate what they really know about humanity’s greatest hero. Episodes will be released each week via Tumblr and syndicated across multiple podcast platforms for 12 weeks, leading up to E3 in June 2015.