Hot off the Kickstarter press is a new game promising the above, and then some.

On first impressions, Izle looks like the colourful lovechild of Populous: The Beginning and Disney. The latter’s probably because of that enchanting-looking castle that dominates one of the islands!

Izle is an action-adventure RPG where you summon entire islands through the power of the gods. You’re initially tasked with building an island that best suits your own character’s development, then are faced with a choice based on your preferences. Do you unleash weaponry to take down the beasties within Shadow Island, or do you build defences and help protect your own island over at Sun Island?

That is the core round-up of the game, however a quick glance down the Kickstarter page shows just how in-depth the game actually is. Growing your world of islands can carry multiple paths, each with their own challenges and difficulties. Also, in the voxel style the game goes down, absolutely everything is destructible.

(Cue a Steven firing a massive fireball into a nearby island, punching a huge hole in it).

This is what happens if you let the bad guys have their way...

This is what happens if you let the bad guys have their way…

Visually, the art in this game looks quite impressive. It’s polarising in its use of colour compared to many games that love to use browns and greys. Mix in a few falling stars and other mobile orbs and you have quite the light-fest within this potential game.

Full details of the game can be found over on the Kickstarter page. You have until May 1 to place your pledges if you want to see this game go ahead. Should it reach a successful funding, then it should be making its way to Steam, Nintendo’s eShop, PSN and Xbox Live.