Many of you will probably by now be familiar with the concerted effort by many to ensure that Video Game Music is recognised more widely alongside its Film and TV counterparts in the world of classical music. Concerts like Final Symphony and the Symphony of the Goddess have all played a huge part in not only delivering quality live performances to the fans but also to introduce enthusiasts in the musical scene to the glorious pieces that are composed for video games.

The Classic FM Hall of Fame is a publicly voted poll where the top three hundred entries are ranked in order of popularity. It could be a film score, a symphony or even the soundtrack to a video game. Each were equally valid as entries to the poll.

This year saw Video Game Music perform extremely well in the Hall of Fame, with the largest quantity of Video Game Music entries to date. Twelve entries fall under our glorious category, with three of them sitting in the top twenty. One of particular note is Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu, who is within the top 10 of the Hall of Fame for the third year running.

Grant Kirkhope also scores a fantastic achievement for being listed not once, but thrice for various games he has composed music for.

You can check out the full listings here, but here are the gaming entries with their position in the chart:

  • Halo series – Marty O’Donell – #244
  • The Last of Us – Gustavo Santaolalla – #193
  • StarCraft – Glen Stafford – #163
  • Blue Dragon – Nobuo Uematsu – #118
  • The Legend of Zelda – Koji Kondon – #84
  • Kingdoms of Amalur, Grant Kirkhope – #59
  • World of Warcraft – Russell Brower – #53
  • Viva Pinata – Grant Kirkhope – #41
  • Kingdom Hearts – Yoko Shimomura – #30
  • Banjo Kazooie – Grant Kirkhope – #13
  • The Elder Scrolls – Jeremy Soule – #11
  • Final Fantasy – Nobuo Uematsu – #9

Now as you may already know, I’m quite the fan of the Final Fantasy franchise, with the franchise’s music playing a particularly special role in my admiration for the series. So, in celebration of its third entry into the Hall of Fame and because I was personally pleading people to vote on Twitter through the hashtag #MoogleMonday), I thought I’d pick a fitting tune to match this wee hashtag I had going…

After all, you have to respect the Pom, Kupo!

Congratulations to each and every entry that made it into the Hall of Fame! It’s through campaigns like these that help elevate the profile of video games music, maybe one day we’ll see them featured at the Proms!

One day…