Since its December’s Early Access release, I am Bread now features new levels, modes and gameplay tweaks. Players who dipped their feet with the Early Access can now play the full game with the aforementioned added perks.

Here’s a handy list of some of the game’s newest features:

  • A Gas Station where a highly flammable liquid and a piece of bread that is constantly looking for ways to toast itself.
  • A Car level where fellow road users must be careful as Bread gets behind the wheel. Additionally, this new level reveals a hidden secret for players to hunt.
  • A handy tutorial to help you figure out how to control a piece of bread

All of this means that I am Bread now features six areas where players will need to use skill and dexterity to become toast. Add to this a compelling narrative and I am Bread is no half-baked game, but a roll model for taking a game from Early Access to full release.

I am Bread also features Steam Achievements and Trading Cards along with some major gameplay re-balancing based on player feedback during its Early Access phase. For those who keep struggling to complete a particular level, help now comes in the form of Magic Marmalade: simply smash the jar to disable the grip.

I am Bread will be priced at *£9.99/€12.99/$12.99, but those who opt to buy it within the first six weeks of the release can benefit of a 25% discount.