Bandai Namco, Capcom and SEGA are back for another round of the ultimate cross-over game with Project X Zone 2 for the 3DS. Developed by Monolith Software, the second episode of this ultimate cross-over tactical RPG franchise will hit digital & physical shelves in the above-mentioned regions during Fall 2015.

With more than 400 000 units, the first episode of this Tactical-RPG series came out of nowhere and surprised both fans and the press alike. The game featured a massive line-up of iconic characters, stirring gameplay and unique humour. Staying true to its root, the newly announced sequel will feature more characters from Bandai’s Tekken, Tales of Vesperia, God Eater, .hack//, Capcom’s Devil May Cry, Mega Man X, Resident Evil, SEGA’s Sakura Wars, Yakuza: Dead Souls and Virtua Fighter.

Working hand-in-hand with renowned publishers such as SEGA and CAPCOM is a blessing. Exchanging ideas and working towards making fans happy is the ultimate goal behind this cross-over. With dozens of famous characters and licenses, unique humour traits and highly tactical gameplay; Project X Zone 2 presents itself as a serious contender to be a critically appreciated Tactical RPG!” said Herve Hoerdt, Vice President of IP Strategy, Marketing & PR at Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe.

Having played the original, it was fun and somewhat refreshing, however it became repetitive very quickly and was extremely linear with no control over your characters’ progress. Here’s to hoping the sequel fixes this.