As in, it’s available! NOW! RIGHT NOW!

I’d ask that excitement is contained, but honestly I’m struggling to do that myself. As a huge fan of the MGS series, the fun challenge comes to choosing which one of Insert Coin‘s lovely threads!

For this reveal, I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking here. After all, pictures speak a thousand words, right?

The full range as it’s listed are:

  • FOXHOUND tee (in guys / girly cut)
  • SNAKE button-thru shirt
  • SHADOW MOSES hoodie
  • FOXHOUND patches

All of the tees are ready to ship now. The shirts, hoodies and patches however are currently open for pre-order at Insert Coin with shipping expeceted to commence within 4-6 weeks. This is while the first production run completes. Bundles will also be available to package together a selection of goodies.

Now that the listy stuff is out of way, let’s show you what they look like!

First up, here’s the FOXHOUND tee:

Foxhound girly_lifestyle

Next is the Psycho Mantis tee. This one gets two pictures, as there’s something cool at the back that all MGS fans will recognise:

Psycho Mantis_lifestyle

Psycho Mantis guys back

Next is the Shadow Moses Self-Storage tee, providing the latest in bipedal carboard boxes since 1998:

Self Storage_lifestyle

I’m personally quite tempted with this Snake shirt if I’m honest…

Snake shirt_lifestyle

On the hoodie side of things, it’s all about Shadow Moses:

Shadow Moses guys_lifestyle

Finally, there’ll be patches to represent your membership to the elite FOXHOUND unit:

Foxhound patches

So, which ones tickle your fancy? I think I’m leaning towards the Psycho Mantis tee and Snake shirt myself…