Digital Extremes released the biggest update yet for Warframe on PS4 and Xbox One.

Titled Sanctuary, this newest update adds plenty of additional gameplay, new weapons, a new Warframe and much more to console players. Players can get familiar with the new Chroma Warframe, do honorable battle with fellow Tenno in PvP 2.0 or take on a mysterious Quest.

Primary highlights of the Update include:

  • A master of the deadly elements, this newest Warframe, Chroma, can alter his damage output by changing his coloring.
  • Conclaves 2.0: Take on your fellow Tenno in a game of Cephalon Capture, try your hand at three new maps, conquer a variety of challenges and explore the exciting changes to the PvP Game Mode with PvP 2.0! Teshin, your new PvP guide, and the Conclave Syndicate have established their presence in the Relay. Syndicate rewards await for Tenno who compete in the Conclave, studying under Teshin’s Sigil.
  • A new quest, The New Strange, which will have players Work with Cephalon Simaris to track down the source of a mysterious voice.
  • New Tenno Reinforcements: Kohmak: this hand-shotgun doubles its volley with each successive shot. Ripkas: Tear the enemy down with these motorized saw fists.
  • New relay room: Explore the Sanctuary and visit Cephalon Simaris. Track down unique targets to scan in a Codex shared by Tenno throughout the Solar System, and help unlock exciting new lore and Syndicate rewards.
  • A new threat arrives. Dashing in for quick strikes before falling back to the shadows, the Grineer Manic is difficult to catch and deadly to ignore.