One Kickstarter campaign and two released development kits later, the Oculus Rift is finally set to become a consumer reality, with a release window slotted in for the headset’s public release.

First screenshot of the consumer Oculus Rift

First screenshot of the consumer Oculus Rift

Posted over on Oculus’ blog, it’s been revealed that the headset will ship in the first quarter of 2016. This places the headset in the same release window as Sony’s Project Morpheus headset, both of which will follow the release of the HTC Vive (Valve’s SteamVR headset) at the end of 2015.

With all three of these headsets being released relatively close to each other, it’s almost like we’re set for a VR-war of sorts as we inch closer to their general release.


Oculus hints in their blog that there’ll be more information coming at E3 in June. Pre-orders are also expected to kick off later this year.