If you asked me to pick one game franchise to be my absolute favourite. There would be no hesitation:

Final Fantasy

Since Final Fantasy VII, the series has easily been one of the things that has been critical in my own personal growth. It even served as inspiration in my school days when performing for music exams! (Back then, I convinced my teacher to let me perform Aerith’s Theme from FFVII in an exam environment)

Imagine my joy then, when I found out about a session being organised to talk about the franchise. This video is the end result of that session, where fans from across the UK shared their thoughts about the franchise and of the upcoming Final Fantasy XV.

This was done directly with the game’s director, Hajime Tabata, and one of the artists working on the game, Tomohiro Hasegawa.

This video also reveals that a patch will be coming to the Episode Duscae demo that’s packed in with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD in response to fan feedback.

Enough talking! Go watch the video and enjoy!

Once you’re done, check out the meatier video below where survey responses were dissected by Tabata-san in detail.