Jockeys saddle up, it’s time for the first Final Fantasy XIV Chocobo Race event. Square Enix has teamed up with Logitech and MSI to bring great prizes to this new social event in which players can make their Chocobo’s run faster the more friends tweet about the races using the special hashtag.

So how does it all work, well by heading over to players can sign up and enter the races, each race will take place on a Tuesday at 1PM PDT; when the race begins a tweet will be automatically sent out for friends to retweet.

The more retweets and replies using the #FFXIVChocoboRace tag, the faster your Chocobo will run; ultimately leading to victory over all adventurers in Eorzea. With 8 weeks, 8 races and 8 chances to win some amazing prizes whats stopping you, go and sign up now and before you know it you’ll be a professional Chocobo jockey.

On your marks, get set, Chocobo!