inXile entertainment might be looking at a third record-breaking Kickstarter campaign in a row, with The Bard’s Tale IV smashing past the 50% funded mark in 11 hours. It currently stands at over $791,963 pledged (as of this writing) of its $1,250,000 target in less than 24 hours.

Here’s what Brian Fargo of inXile had to say: “Once again you have come through with a smashing first day. I must also thank my many industry friends who have supported us through their social media campaigns. This list extends to our so called competition like Obsidian, Larian, Harebrained, Cryptozoic, Otherworld, Portalairum, Razer and so many others. The concept of game companies supporting each other in such a grand scale was unheard of many years ago. Our relationships have grown closer with you and the development community, the way it always should have been. With Wasteland 2, we’re happy to have people enjoy the fruits of our first Kickstarter campaign as a company as we hope to keep these going for a long time to come.

Expect to see the first prototype gameplay footage of The Bard’s Tale IV very soon.