Sometime last week, I sent out correspondence advising that Insert Coin were a clothing company that dealt with gaming themed apparel.

With ranges varying from Assassin’s Creed, Resident Evil and as reported last week WipEout… you can find anything to suit your tastes.

I figured I would do the honour of letting you all know that they are back (not that they ever really went anywhere!) with a new and exclusive Pac-Man themed dress – the ‘Waka’.

It’s getting to the middle of the summer, the days are getting warmer… so ladies (or very brave gentlemen) can suit up with the Waka and stay cool in the sun.

PM dress_Twitter

In all fairness, with an item like this – you can be cool whatever the weather.

This company release stuff all the time that makes me want to go all ‘Tim Curry’ and suit up in something that the fairer sex would opt for.

Get your geek on, get your (new) clothes on and get on over to Insert Coin clothing to check them, and the Waka, out now!!