We have a date.

Please Stand By.

November 10 2015 is when Fallout 4 will be gracing consoles and PCs everywhere with its presence.

During the briefing in the run-up to E3, various tidbits were shown. The VATS system returns in a familiar fashion and customisation will be taken to a whole new level. Fifty base weapons can be modded with over 700 modifications available, your Power Armour can be modded and you can even build a settlement from scratch!


Oh yeah, and there’s this wee beauty


This pip-boy enclosure will hold your smartphone on your wrist, transforming it into a fully functioniong Pip-Boy that can link with your game. It’ll be the key item in the Collector’s Edition of the game.

Let that sink in for a bit. Go on, it’s ok.

Here’s the trailer for Fallout 4 again in case you missed it: