During Sony’s E3 press conference, Capcom revealed that Cammy and Birdie are joining the Street Fighter V lineup. Both characters will make their anticipated return where they will join Ryu, Chun-Li, Charlie Nash, and M. Bison. Additional characters will be added to the diverse roster, offering a wide variety of fighting styles for players to choose from.

Cammy has been a staple of the Street Fighter series since her debut in Super Street Fighter II, and returns faster and stronger than ever before in the upcoming Street Fighter V. Utilizing a wide variety of quick ground and aerial attacks to pressure her opponents, her rush down style will suit offensive minded players of all types.

On the other hand, Birdie makes his long awaited return, having last appeared in the Street Fighter Alpha series over 10 years ago. Completely redesigned and reimagined, Birdie’s “larger than life” look masks the fierce power packed into his long range chain attacks and up-close command grabs, making him a threat from every distance.

Additionally the first online beta program for Street Fighter V will be exclusive to PS4 players and will run for five days, from July 23 to July 28. In North America, those who pre-order the game through select retailers or through PSN will be granted automatic access to the beta. In Europe and Asia, players interested in participating in the beta program can visit www.streetfighter.com and follow the various steps to sign up for a chance to join the fight! Additional beta programs will be taking place throughout the rest of the year and more details will be shared at a later date.

Capcom confirmed that Street Fighter V for PC and PS4 will be released in Spring 2016.