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If you are new to the concept of MMO games, you may well be unsure as to what these titles represent. In fact they are a type of strategy experience, while the term MMO refers to ‘Massively multiplayer Online’ game.

These games are online experiences that enable a large number of players to participate simultaneously. These games are usually hosted over an Internet connection, while they typically unfold in a shared, virtual universe filled with mystery and adventure.

If you are still unclear, you may need to see some examples of prominent, MMO games.

The World of Warcraft
One of the original MMO games, the World of Warcraft remains incredibly popular to this very day. Often categorised as the king of strategy and fantasy games, World of Warcraft remains Omni-potent due its diversity, innovation and willingness to evolve to create a more immersive playing experience. Whether you want to engage in farming activities, complete challenging puzzles, fight with zombies or attempt all of the above, the World of Warcraft platform offers everything you could possibly want within an engaging and iterative environment.

Final Fantasy XIV: The Rebirth
Often, gaming and video franchises are deconstructed and then revitalised to suit the contemporary marketplace. This may because of the changing demands of players, although it may also be triggered by the catastrophic failure of an original title. The latter was certainly the case for ‘Final Fantasy XIV’, which struggled with a difficult to comprehend interface and serious gameplay issues. The new, ‘Realm Reborn’ instalment has not only corrected these significant flaws, but it has also taken the franchise onto an entirely level. This is befitting of one of the best MMO gaming franchises and it has done a great deal to satisfy loyal fans.

Guild Wars 2
In some respects, Guild Wars 2 had the potential to challenge the World of Warcraft series and beat it at its own game. This would have represented a significant risk, however, so the developers have adopted a less aggressive approach and instead diversified their game to create several points of difference. In effect, it rejuvenated tired MMO conventions (such as eliminating the classic subscription model and issuing a one-off fee for long-term access to the game). If you are a modern gamer with a love of freemium experiences, this may well be the MMO title for you!

If you want to check out these games and more, you can play MMO strategy games online with! These games are now also accessible through the mobile platform, so there has never been a better time to challenge your strategic mind in a friendly environment.