Netmarble is proud to reveal the new improvements in the latest content update for Hounds: The Last Hope. The patch introduces two new characters, the Red Lizard series, a special summer package, the PvP Token system and a number of other updates:

Token System

The Token System has finally arrived. Whilst playing in PvP mode using this system, players will earn tokens which can be redeemed to produce new guns. Once players collect enough tokens, they are able to redeem them at the production NPC. Collecting U tokens will enable players to produces Unique guns, whilst collecting L tokens will enable them to produce Legendary guns.

Red Lizard Series

The Blue Flame series has been removed from store and will be replaced by the new Red Lizard series. New golden boxes will bring a pleasant suprise to players.

New Operation and Avatars

A new operation is here and consists of 10 steps. Each step enhances the reward given to players. The update also allows players to play as two new playable avatars, which each have three colour options to choose from.

Further Updates

The Production section is now much easier to use due to the wider screen screen update. Artificial intelligence problems have been resolved, and the rewards in the city sewage section have been updated. Two new characters have also been added; Mad Doctor and Deadly Nurse.