This is more of an opinion post because as of late, Bungie have left the fan-base down in tremendous fashion. I’m an avid PS4 player of Destiny and with the massive unveiling trailer at E3 (above), I was one of those players that was excited about the next steps for Destiny.

I’ve played since day one and I’ve been that guy who used to have to farm for ‘Spinmetal’ to upgrade a gun… I’ve been that guy who got Gjallahorn in a legendary engram as my first exotic, didn’t use it and opted for the Invective following the bounty – because I had no idea that a rocket launcher would be so good! I’ve also been that guy that pushed Atheon off the side of the Vault of Glass to help me and my friends get a Vex Mythoclast.

The day one players deserve to be recognised by Bungie to some extent. I don’t mean that in the “we were here first, honour us” type way… but I mean at by simply looking back at what the game was, it was a wreck.

Until the House of Wolves content came out, the game was actually awful. I played it because it was pretty much all that was out that was decent. I played it because I had FAITH that it would become more.

The Last of Us would only last so long and I didn’t want to play it to death (following a platinum trophy… because I literally DID play it to death), I wasn’t a fan of the new and ‘improved’ futuristic Call of Duty: AW; yet the promise of a game that would last ‘at least a decade’ appealed. I liked the idea of playing something for so long and being a part of the player base that would help shape it.

As an avid gamer since I was a child, it was something I felt could be achieved… the time line I mean. Gaming is my hobby – my partner understands and my children, should I ever be fortunate to have them, surely would too.

If someone chooses to jump in and play the game from day one, damn right that should be recognised.

Granted, some day one players exploited the game and used the various bugs for personal gain, some noticed the faults (and put up with) but played regardless, some up front informed Bungie and for lack of a better term, day one players have helped shape the game.

I understand the need Bungie has to try and attract more people to the game and the entirely unique FPSRPG genre that is Destiny but why should the loyal fans be the ones to have to ‘pay’?

Pay not only in cash but in dignity?

I’m not a violent person in any way but Luke Smith strikes me as the kind of guy I would never tire of slapping. His attitude towards the fans was an absolute disgrace. Don’t get me wrong, I empathise with him in some regards… I am an extremely direct person and I often say things that I’ll look back on and think, “I could have been a bit more constructive” or “yeah, I could have caused offence with that one” so he clearly feels some modicum of remorse… but in actuality – he only feels remorseful because he was called out on it. The other major point about the situation – he isn’t the real issue.


His way of selling the DLC benefits was harsh in many respects, granted. He definitely wasn’t the sole benefactor behind the decision making process. His tone however, suggested he was a firm believer in the philosophy behind it. It’s a business decision by Bungie/Activision so they get as much money out of the game as possible. They are looking at the figures and not the people. It’s nothing personal, it’s a business decision really.

Going back to Luke Smith… he may have had faith in the decision to crap on the long term fans but he was essentially just trying to sell something that he has been made to sell. It’s his job at the end of the day.

I don’t know what idiots sat around the round table and made the decisions behind The Taken King DLC but that self proclaimed ‘ass-hat’ Luke was just the voice of the beast… not the beast itself.

Should he ever read this, I’ll let it be said that I do not mean that slapping part in a malicious way – simply as something from one ‘direct’ person to another. I don’t blame you for doing your job Luke, but I do blame you for skewing your perspective of how your company became successful, effectively omitting the people that made it happen – the fans.

So why am I going on this pointless rant?


Whilst I’m just another voice in the crowd that want Bungie to realise that the decisions that they make regarding Destiny could have major ramifications. Enough voices will hopefully make them listen.

We aren’t even a year in to the proposed decade and the fans have been treated like crap.

They need to remember that in all actuality, the players, the consumer, the customer – deserve a voice. Deserve some recompense. Deserve a voice.

Day one players were right to think they should get a little something as thanks and it is right that they be rewarded.

Fair enough, release a collector’s edition of the game. That seems the norm now. I will also assume Activision were a large part of that decision making process given their track record…


If anything, Bungie have it the wrong way round in giving rewards. The exclusives should go to the long term players who already have the full game and content; the people who jumped in at day one and helped fund the process by paying full price and have not only kept ‘ass-hats’ in a job but have kept Destiny in the run to go for that full decade.

We paid to play the original (empty) game and perhaps begrudgingly paid to get what should have been the full game with the two DLC instalments.

I won’t even get started on the high price tag (especially as I’m one of the UK customer base who will essentially pay a hell of a lot more than the US customer!) and won’t plead for things to be free… but it should be something that is considered. An armour shader…? Really? Is that all loyalty is worth?

Anyway… I said I wouldn’t talk about it.

Bungie – or any other developer for that matter – this is a message. This is a message that you should NEVER forget about the players who have supported you from the beginning. Yes… it’s a two way street but it’s a two way street that sees you, the developer, suffer without the community reciprocating.

Bungie want to make Destiny a social game and they want us to be the community, their community!

They won’t have a community if they don’t keep the long term players engaged or make them feel valued. Make them feel like the time they’ve put in has been recognised and is important.

Absolutely, encourage new people to join the game (perhaps with a free ‘end game load out’ where they can cash in a token and select armour and weapons to keep up with their day one friends?) but don’t jump to give them the ‘cream’ and jeopardise the loyalty from the current and long term fans.

With the catalogue of games coming out soon; Bungie… believe me when I say that you need us more than we need you.