XOUNTS UP, the world’s only sound system that combines 360-degree stereo sound with atmospheric lighting and bespoke design, is proud to announce that it is collaborating with inXile entertainment, developers of the epic RPG The Bard’s Tale IV.

The new partnership combines two great crowdfunding ventures to deliver a limited run of The Bard’s Tale IV-branded XOUNTS UP sound systems available to just 99 backers who support XOUNTS UP’s recently launched Kickstarter campaign

XOUNTS UP has been in development for almost two years with the all in one sound system providing perfect stereo surround sound, combining atmospheric light, personalised design and wireless multimedia networking. It’s simple to set up, has a beautiful aesthetic and guarantees professional sound and light quality for viewing, listening, watching and playing.

XOUNTS UP allows users to directly integrate Bluetooth, dongles, Apple, SONOS as well as lighting components like Philips HUE or LIFX. Atmospheric light and personalised design all make XOUNTS UP the world’s only 360-degree sound system, it’s portable, beautifully designed and exceptionally easy to use.

Oliver Richter, co-creator of XOUNTS UP, said: “We’re really excited to join forces with inXile. The Bard’s Tale IV is a beautiful game and will showcase our system perfectly. Collaborating with such a well-respected and long awaited game is something very special. We have been developing XOUNTS for 20 months and launching the Kickstarter is a huge step towards our final goal.

Brian Fargo CEO of inXile adds: “Collaborating with other creatives is in the spirit of Kickstarter. We’ve been privileged to trial the XOUNTS UP system and fully back the concept. I think our backers are really going to enjoy The Bard’s Tale IV versions.

Hear inXile’s Brian Fargo and Thomas Beekers discuss XOUNTS UP.