… And you can watch it here on IGN.com. It’s not a long video, amounting to about 6 minutes in total. As the name would suggest, it offers insight into the making of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the challenge that comes with updating a decade old franchise. The developers and the writer for the game talk about how much they wanted to place an emphasis on choices and moral quandaries as well as tell a personal story about a high theme, trans-humanism. More generally, they talk about trans-humanism and the ways that the game was vaguely prescient.


Also, some of the developers have rather impressive tattoos.

This video is part in a series to celebrate the original game’s 15th anniversary. More special events should follow. If you’d like more information about such things or the upcoming Mankind Divided then there’s plenty of ways to come across it. Someone working for the series is down with the medias of the social kind. There’s a Deus Ex tumblr and reddit as well as a Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.