I’ll point out that I’m not a fan of shopping.

I was in London recently and I found myself wasting a day wandering around Oxford Street, Carnaby Street and more. I know this is a site about gaming but don’t worry… there is a method to my madness…

Anyway, I found myself wandering into shops, almost vomiting when I clocked a t-shirt priced at £110 and after about six hours of wandering around, didn’t buy a single thing. I did try on one shirt from an ‘urban’ store I had never heard of but it wasn’t in my size. I resigned to the fact that despite the fashion industry assuming that every man is able to squeeze into ‘skinny fit’ clothing, my manly body isn’t.

The whole trying it on thing made me think how good it is. If I had purchased it online, it would have been a waste.

We proceeded to go into some perfume shop where my partner ‘tried’ some perfume and didn’t buy because it is cheaper online.

It brought me back to the good old days of buying the PlayStation magazine and getting a demo disc with a collection of games. Back when gamers could really try before they purchased anything.

Nowadays, gamers get an alpha or a beta… the occasional demo but it never really feels the same as it used to.

Have you ever went ‘shopping’ for a game and immediately taken it back because it is awful?
Have you ever felt so committed to a poor purchase and let it gather dust as a result?

Never again!

Sega have teamed up with Gamesessions who are famous for letting gamers try before they buy with trials and demos.
Whilst this is only going to be on PC (who knows about the future!), it’s an amazing step that will really let players get a feel for something new and exciting without having to worry about the monetary aspect.


With games getting more and more expensive these days, it can’t be argued that this isn’t a good move!

Hats off to them both!