That’s what is currently the big question ahead of Square Enix’s next big outing as it prepares for the gamescom expo in Cologne this week.

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As noted on social media and discovered through camera footage from a Distant Worlds conference in Pittsburgh, conductor Arnie Roth talks briefly about his excitement for upcoming titles such as Final Fantasy XV. Incidentally, after the confirmation of a FFXV stage at gamescom and a special Active Time Report, we should expect to hear more about the upcoming entry to the franchise.

However, Arnie Roth does also mention a Final Fantasy XII ‘remake’ is also in the works. My guess is that he means remaster, much like Final Fantasy X HD Remaster.

Check out the video footage below from the concert and see for yourself. Credit to Kotaku for spotting this.

Should this be true, we might see news of this during gamescom at Cologne. GGS will be on the frontlines for this, so if we hear anything on this we’ll keep you updated.