Here’s a quick guide to the content that Blizzard have announced that pertains to StarCraft II, Hearthstone, Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm:

StarCraft II

Blizzard has announced details for Allied Commanders, a new co-operative game mode in Legacy of the Void– which is the upcoming final chapter of Starcraft II. You will be able to play as StarCraft commanders and you’ll be facing a series of objective-based missions. Commanders can be levelled up as you play.

The following playable commanders have been revealed at gamescom:

  • Jim Raynor: He leads an army of infantry and Terran war machines. He also has the ability to call down the Hyperion Battlecruiser, the flagship of his fleet.
  • Kerrigan: She fights alongside her Swarm, which is made up of the ”most iconic” Zerg units from the StarCraft franchise.
  • Artantis: He is in charge of the Protoss forces from on high in the Spear of Adun. He can speedily offer reinforcements to his allies regardless of where they are on the map. He can also call down orbital strikes with precision.

Professional StarCraft players will be demonstrating the abilities of these commanders at gamescom on the Blizzard stage in Hall 7 from 15:30- 16:30 CEST on Saturday, August 8. They will also be demoing on Sunday, August 9, from 13:00- 14:00.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

The Grand Tournament expansion has been previewed at gamescom. 11 cards were revealed yesterday and Blizzard showed off the new ”jousting” mechanic. This imbues certain cards with the ability to reveal a minion in each deck and gain a special advantage for the player if their revealed minion has a higher mana cost than the opponent does.


Heroes of the Storm

Plot-wise, the influence of the Sanctuary within the Nexus has continued to expand as part of the ongoing Eternal Conflict. There will be an unveiling of a new Diablo themed Hero and Battleground:

  • Khazim: A monk of Ivogrod, is a melee support hero who can be used either as a fighter or a healer.
  • Infernal Shrines to a three-lane Battleground on which teams compete to call forth a massive Punisher demon that hunts down the opposing team’s Heroes.

Quite apart from all things Diablo-related, two additional Heroes have been announced:

  • Rexxar: a half-ogre, half-orc beastmaster from Warcraft. He is a ranged warrior who fights alongside his companion, Misha. Misha happens to be a bear.
  • Artanis: The first companion from the StarCraft series to be added to Heroes of the Storm. Those who pre-purchase StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void will be able to get ahold of him.



Blizzard has announced a new playable character as well as two new maps:

  • Lúcio is a Brazilian musician who supports his comrades through music. His music has the power to heal them and increase their speed.
  • Numbani is an African city where humans and omnics live in harmony. Players will be escorting Doom’s Fist gauntlet to the Numbani Heritage Museum or will be endeavoring to prevent their opponent from doing so.
  • At Volkskaya Industries, a Russian manufacturing centre, game-play focuses around protecting and capturing critical objectives.


If you’d like more information about what Blizzard is getting up to at gamescom, go here. There will be live streams of chats with Blizzard devs at 18:00 CEST on August 7 and 8 as well as one at 17:00 CEST on August 9.