A while back, over on Facebook, Capcom had asked fans their true opinion about a potential Resident Evil 2 remake. With fans pouring over their love for the original 1998 PS1 game, Capcom has approved an official remake of Resident Evil 2.

Take a look at the official announcement above from Yoshiaki Hirabyashi; the same producer who was responsible to bring over to last-gen and current-gen consoles the formerly Gamecube exclusive Resident Evil remake from 2002.

Obviously, besides this official announcement, not much more is known as its currently in very early development stage; so no release date yet and we still don’t know which consoles it’ll release for, but we can at least expect the game to see the light of day on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

There was also a fan remake currently in the works; something which Capcom hasn’t mentioned anything about, but at this rate, looks like this fan remake might get squashed.

So gamers, from a scale to 1 to Holy Shit, how excited (or pissed?) are you about this news?