NBA 2K16 is heading to the final stretch of trailers leading up to is September 29th, 2015 release date and with it comes a brand new trailer in that mix that focuses in on the single player career mode of the game. Directed by acclaimed movie director Spike Lee, this new career mode looks to be far more in depth and story driven than anything that we have witnessed in an NBA 2K game up to this point. The new trailer shows off a lot more conflict, both on and off the court, with influences that seem to be both good and bad. The trailer has all the makings of a trailer that you would see for a drama in the theater rather than a standard video game, which is a novel twist in the standard “win a championship” career mode we have had up to this point.

Check out the new trailer below that has you, the player, Livin’ Da Dream of a high profile NBA athlete. NBA 2K16 hits most major video game consoles and PC on September 29th, 2015. Preorder the game and you will get access to the full game early on September 25th, 2015.