Have you play that little indie joint that goes by the name of Destiny. More than likely, most gamers have at this point in time, but what to do with all those accomplishments that you have received throughout your gameplay? I mean, sure, you have all that loot that you can wear to signify all that you have performed to this point, but do you feel like more could be done to highlight your achievements. Maybe like having your name in a large format trailer for Destiny, showing off some of your better feats and achievements during your career.

Well, Bungie has put together a new site called the “Legend of You”, where you can choose your platform of choice for Destiny and your Gamertag and it will create a cool looking trailer that features you and only you, and all the things you have done in the game. It doesn’t hype up the game all that much, but it is a nice touch for those players that want a novel way to show off all they have done in Destiny up to this point in time.

If you are interested in seeing what you have done, check out the trailer page right here and let the world know how cool (or not so cool if you record in Destiny is anything like mine) you are.right here