With the release of SEGA’s Playstation exclusive Yakuza 5 release creeping up sometime this Fall, the publisher wanted to keep gamers up to date with what the franchise characters have been up to since we last saw them in Yakuza 4.

Kazuma Kiryu: After the events of the previous Yakuza games, Kazuma Kiryu has retired from the Yakuza to be a common-place taxi driver in Nagasugai, Fukuoka, far away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. But when his junior disappears, he is dragged back into seedy underworld of Japan in order to find his friend

Taiga Saejima: As a legendary Yakuza enforcer, he was sentenced to 25 years in prison for allegedly murdering 18 rival gang members. After the events of Yakuza 4, Saejima gets re-incarcerated and just wants to serve his new sentence peacefully. But in Saejima’s case, “peacefully” quickly leaves as an option. Which will require his survival skills more? The interior of the prison walls, or the harsh Hokkaido winter?

Haruka Sawamura: Years after meeting Kazuma Kiryu, 16 year old Haruka Sawamura is living in Osaka to pursue her dreams of becoming a star on TV. Early on the upcoming game, she’s already made it to the finals of the Princess League, a competition between rising stars, where the winner goes on to have a successful career. But even though it looks so carefree and lavish, the life of an up-and-coming idol is not without its perils. Haruka learns firsthand just how dangerous the waters of the entertainment industry can be.

Shun Akiyama: Dubious money lender who owns his own company called Sky Finance, he has a unique test that prospective borrowers must pass in order to receive a loan. Akiyama is trying to set up the Sotenbori Branch of Sky Finance, but those plans get derailed when he receives a call about the untimely death of a former client.

Tatsuo Shinada: He had a promising career in the major leagues, but it was cut short when he received a lifetime ban for a baseball gambling/game fixing scandal. He now now earns a meager living as an adult entertainment writer in the Nagoya region of Kineicho. But his (mis)fortune is in for a turn when a mysterious masked man confronts Shinada and tells him to uncover the truth behind his ban.