This latest installment to Dreamfall Chapters has been a while in the works already. The episodic series had its first episode in 2014. A few/ several months ago the development team made the interesting decision to change the game engine. Re-working all the previous episodes as they upgraded from Unity 4 to 5.

The free update makes the game look prettier and run better- or so I’ve been informed.

… Yeah.

… It was all totally worth it.

… Allegedly.

Having the patience of a thing-that-can’t-even-come-up-with-the-name-of-an-impatient-creature-to-illustrate-a-point, it’s hard to see this side.

Still! Here’s the trailer (spoilers for previous episodes abound):

Dreamtime, the metaphysical realm between Arcadia and Stark, seems to feature more prominently than in previous episodes. Zoe and Kian appear to actually meet (possibly). Likho looks intense. The [redacted] make an appearance and [redacted] seems to be in danger. There’s also a very good, deep, scary, unknowable voice at the end.

Episode 4, Revelations, looks to be arriving on December 3 (Thursday).